Lenka Nedvědová: Every Person is a Dancer

29/11/2011 15:50

By courtesy of Lenka Nedvědová


She considers dance a struggle, yet at the same time a unique way of expressing herself, a matter of the heart. That’s why she was ready to fight for the dream she had almost every evening of the week. As it later turned out, the effort was worth it. PERSPECTIVES talked to Lenka Nedvědová, a student of our department and a dancer from the RDS Company, which took part in the semi-finals of the show Česko Slovensko má talent.


Perspectives (PP): How long have you been dancing? Which feature of dance captured your attention and, later on, also your devotion?

Lenka Nedvědová (LN): I have been dancing since I was seven. I’ve gone through many different styles of dance, but still my heart is the most passionate about hip hop groove. There was nothing special that caught my attention, really. Dance is something we all feel; it is part of our natural selves. For me every person is a dancer. Any move, even those we make daily, can become part of choreography. My passion about dance has always been there. I can’t say why because I don’t know it myself. It is just a different world which frees me from everything, gives me wings, the possibility to be who I really am, gives me a chance to express myself and to make people feel it. To express music through movement is so magical. To create choreography is a process. At the beginning, or in the middle, when you try to combine moves with music and you can’t make them fit, it can be almost scary, but at the end, when your students appreciate and love your work and suddenly everything fits, it’s beautiful. Together you can dance, express yourselves and face the challenge—that dance surely is. It’s some kind of struggle, mainly with yourself. Keeping in mind that everything is possible plays an important role. The idea of never giving up and working hard can only make you stronger (even in your everyday life).


PP: You are a member of the RDS Company, who made it to the semi-finals of Česko Slovensko má talent. What hides behind your success? How many hours of training?

LN: Well, success is something that only comes with hard work. We trained a lot, we had rehearsals five times a week for an hour and a half, plus we had trainings at a gymnastic hall twice a week. We were really well-prepared because we knew that performing live on TV is not what happens every day. The thing is our group is composed of dancers of different styles. We had a choreo that everybody was supposed to dance, so every one of us faced a difficult job, but in the end we danced like one body. Actually, we were not really sad that we didn’t get to the finals. We were all happy that we’d put our hearts into the dance—for the people who believed in us. The RDS Company, who has much more members than those you could see on TV, will, from now on, hopefully have as many shows and performances as possible [smiles].


PP: Is it possible to combine everyday training and studying at our department?

LN: Well, I am still alive, so I can say it is [smiles]. Of course, sometimes there are moments when you feel you can’t do both things anymore, but I love being busy (ok, this period was maybe a bit too busy, but I knew it wouldn’t last forever). Plus I have the best classmates you can imagine. They were and still are helping me a lot.


PP: What did you gain from taking part in the contest?

LN: Being part of such a show is a big experience. The trainings made us better in many ways. I met great people without whom I couldn’t imagine my world anymore. We learned to cooperate, which was sometimes hard, sometimes easy. I mean, it was such a big lesson, not only in terms of dancing, but also for life. We loved it—and now we miss it.


PP: What did it take you?

LN: It took me a lot of time, but nothing more. I didn’t see some of my friends so often, I didn’t have enough sleep, my body was tired, but there was this aim, and I knew exactly that this is what I want.


PP: You had an opportunity to "look beyond the curtain" of showbiz. What was your impression?

LN: Well, telling you about everything would take a bit longer than this interview allows me to. Everything on TV is well-organized (although it doesn’t seem so, they have their own order in the mess), people work like bees in a bee-hive, trying to fulfil the will of one man, the director. Everything goes fast, you have to be very patient when you just stand on the stage and have to wait till the lights are well set and everything is the way it is supposed to be. It is a bit stressful, but without this show I might never have had a chance to see how it really goes. It is a big body where everything has its place. You have to be ready for everything.


PP: What is your message to those who would like to dance, but never dared to?

LN: As I have already said, every person is a dancer. My theory is that we all have the same bodies, heads, arms, legs... If there is a dancer I admire, I tell myself, ‘Well, he/she was given the same body as I was; we were both given the same opportunity, the same springboard, which means I should be able to do exactly what he/she can.’ That’s how it is. It is not easy to begin (but what is?). If you love something, you won’t give up, you will continue till you make it perfect. Yes, it is that simple. So, just dance.


                                                                                                                      Kristína Kallová



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