Jako Thelma a Louise

19/02/2011 20:51

If there exists anything like a road-play, it is this one. It tells a story of two women and their struggles for independence and survival in the world of men. 

 Jako Thelma a Louise is a theatre adaptation of the famous Oscar road-movie Thelma and Loiuse (1991). It is staged at the DPOH Mestské divadlo in Bratislava, directed by Jakub Nvota and performed by two Czech theatre groups, Divadlo Bolka Polívky and Divadelní spolek Frída from Brno. There are several interesting variables in this combination: first of all, the American culture, then the Czech spicy, ironic humor and finally some direct allusions to the Slovak culture, which were probably brought in by the Slovak director. The result is hilarious but not only…

The whole play, which is quite long (3 hours), is performed by five Czech actors: Bára Munzarová, Marika Procházková, Radim Novák, Martin Trnavský and some minor roles by Václav Trnavský. The funniest and most versatile of the actors seems to be Martin Trnavský, who acts in costumes of a desperado-type musician Jimmy, a weirdo waitress/singer in a bar, an inspector-Gadget-like detective and many others. Bára Munzarová, who performs Louise Sawyer, is quite convincing in her role of an independent unmarried woman, who is annoyed by men around her. The only one she loves is the never-present Jimmy.

 “Two women are strong enough to create their own world,” as Jakub Nvota put it in reference to the play. Yes, this could be the message. But if we really listen, we will find out that there is more to it. The world of men versus women has never been black-and-white, and the story helps us to look at friendship, fear, beauty, humiliation, desire, passion, death and freedom with recognition of ourselves in the characters, which could lead us to greater compassion with our own weaknesses. And this is only one of many accomplishments of Thelma and Louise.


Text:Katarína Koreňová

Photo: Divadelní spolek Frída