Invitation to a Lecture

07/12/2012 09:29

All those interested in the issues of translation! We would like to invite you to a lecture by a Russian studies scholar and translator Mgr. Eva Maliti, CSc. on the theme:



The lecture followed by a discussion will be held on December 11, 2012 at 4.00pm in the room G24 at Gondova St.


In case of greater interest the lecture will take place in a different room if necessary. The lecture and discussion will be held  in Slovak language without interpretation to foreign languages.

Mgr. Eva Maliti, CSc. works at the Institute of World Literature of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. She deals with literary translation from Russian and issues of translation from a theoretical point of view. She has written several monographs focusing on the problem of symbol, but also a monograph on the  life and works of important Slovak translator Zora Jesenská.


Mgr. Marián Gazdík, PhD.



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