If Only by Airam Mare

08/10/2011 22:03
                                                                                                    If only
                                                                            I could conceive why we tremble
                                                                               When our twin souls interfere
                                                                                  If I could savour your tears
                                                                                    And spread away wings
                                                                                       Only if you wanted
                                                                                                Could I ?
                                                                               Our hands --  wild waterfalls
                                                                                 And lips heaven on earth
                                                                                     Do you measure me?
                                                                                        Do you relish me?
                                                                                           If I just wished
                                                                                              Could you?
                                                                             What  color  is  your  sensuality ?
                                                                                What length is my spirituality?
                                                                                  How wide is our mentality?
                                                                                       yearn to uncover it ?
                                                                                             Guess what :