I am Miss Slovak Republic by Zuzana Hlubinová

31/08/2010 15:32

It was not even amusing. I would use other attributes such as sad, shocking, and unbearable. In one word: Shame. I am talking about the video of our latest beauty representative Anna Ameno. The video contains only some four questions she was asked at the world's most prestigious beauty contest Miss Universe. It is difficult to say whether we can call Anna’s answers ‘answers’.

As a child I used to watch these contests and admired the flawless beauty of the girls walking on the catwalk. I also envied them their beautiful evening dresses and designer clothes. However, one year, while sitting in front of TV and watching the contest, I realized the girls were all the same. The show did not allow them to present their personalities and intellect. All the answers had been learned by heart, they had the same dresses, hair style and make up. After the famous foreign guest from Italy with difficulties announced the name of the winner, the most beautiful woman in Slovakia, our new beauty queen, I asked myself, ‘Why her? She is so mousy.’ I had not even noticed her before. The audience were evidently of the same opinion as they had voted for a totally different girl. So maybe the jury saw something in her that I and thousands of other people did not.

One of the winner’s main tasks is to represent our country abroad, at other beauty contests where the most beautiful and charming women from all over the world gather. In the videos you can watch them having fun together, playing volleyball or just hanging around as if they were the best friends and had known each other since early childhood. Yet, only one of them can become the absolute queen. The whole world is watching and they want to see the representatives, their smiles, hear their voices. So that we can understand them, there has to be a universal language, which is of course English. There is even a condition that the winner of a particular country must be able to communicate in English. After having seen the video of the above mentioned Anna, I concluded there is always an exception to the rule.

The questions she was asked were not difficult. What is the best gift you have ever received? Being a woman, what kind of advice would you give to a man? Apparently, our beauty queen did not comprehend some of the questions. Her answers were short and her vocabulary was worse than poor. She was not able to express her ideas and the whole effect was a complete disaster. I’m not going to talk about her grammar. The video is short but that cannot justify the fact she CAN’T speak English. Is this woman going to represent our country? How is she going to talk to the journalists? What will she do if someone from the jury asks her an unexpected question?

I was curious about other girls taking part in the contest. Miss Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Romania, Zambia… Their English was not perfect but they managed to form a sentence with all its components which, what is the most important, did not lack the idea they wanted to express. Certainly better than our Anna who as a woman would advise a man to be funny, for her and…funny.

There is only one positive thing about Anna’s participation in the contest: her English is better than Miss Czech Republic’s. At least there is one more thing, apart from drinking alcohol, we are better at than our Czech brothers.