How I Met Your Mother – Who’s Barney’s Wife?

03/09/2012 21:19

The CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother has been around for seven seasons and has kept its viewers asking who Ted’s wife will be and how he will meet her. The series, however, became a lot more than the simple story of Ted meeting his wife, producing lots of interesting storylines and subplots on its way to explain how Ted actually met the girl of his dreams. The sitcom is drawing to an end, with this season’s last episode featuring an interesting revelation.


The producers have recently announced that the season 7 finale The Magician’s Code will reveal the identity of Barney’s wife to be. Barney’s wedding has been flash-forwarded to in several previous episodes (Big Days, Challenge Accepted and The Best Man). The identity of Barney’s wife has become another mystery of the show, though seemingly one that is a bit easier to solve. Throughout the sixth season and the first half of the seventh season, the viewers were hesitating whether Barney’s wife would be his English girlfriend Nora or his ex-girlfriend, Robin, whom he still had feelings for. However, Barney dumping Nora and Robin turning him down changed things. Then there was the episode when Robin thought she was pregnant and it seemed to have made the two of them somewhat a couple again. But the appearance of Barney’s new love interest, Quinn, a smart stripper with a charming evil twist to her personality, has changed the development of this subplot even more. And again, we have no idea what’s going to happen next.          


It was mentioned that Ted would meet his wife on Barney’s wedding. Now the question is if Ted meeting his wife will be the very last episode of the series or if the writers will introduce his wife in the last season and make her a recurring character. Also the writers have set certain limits for themselves in the episode Trilogy Time where they depicted Ted in 2015 having a baby daughter. It means Ted has roughly two years to meet his wife, and that also includes a not-so-romantic scenario where he will get his future wife pregnant on their first date.


So that leads us to ask if Barney’s season finale wedding will be again a flash-forward or be set in the time of this season. The latter is more probable, as that would mean Ted would have some time to get to know the mother of his children and that she would not be reduced to a mere one-episode character. From this, we can guess that Barney is going to marry his current girlfriend, Quinn, who, though a great secondary character, is still not as good a fit as Robin. It would make sense in a way, since Barney is bothered by the fact that Quinn is a stripper and since she herself said she would stop stripping if she ever got married. So perhaps the wedding will be Barney’s quick way of getting his girlfriend to quit her job.


Still, I believe the viewers and the fans would much more love to see Barney marrying Robin, as the characters had some great chemistry between them. Becki Newton is definitely doing a great job as Quinn, but there is the history between Barney and Robin and the feelings that are just not completely gone.


Maybe Barney will marry Quinn but the marriage won’t work out and he will end up with Robin. Who knows. We can never be too sure, as the writers keep introducing mysteries and making things unclear. But one thing is for sure: even after seven seasons they can make a show that is funny, interesting and can still produce more and more cliffhangers and have their viewers craving for more.

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