Happy Birthday, Dear Faculty!

27/10/2011 18:20

It was the year of 1921, September 13, when the Faculty of Arts was born. No one would have said at that time that 90 years later the same faculty would rank among the best faculties in Slovakia. In the early days, it had only four departments (Musicology, Ethnography, History and Slavic Studies) and 64 students. Nowadays, it has 4,153 students associated with more than 20 departments. On October 24-25, our faculty celebrated its ninetieth anniversary and prepared a wonderful programme for its students, lecturers, alumni and friends. And Perspectives was there.


The celebration of the anniversary started with a festive gathering of the academia where medals were handed out to those who had made outstanding contributions to the good name of our faculty both in Slovakia and abroad. Two of the awards also went to members of our department, Assoc. Prof. Miroslav Bázlik and Assoc. Prof. Ján Vilikovský. The dean in this way acknowledged and thanked them for their excellent work and years of service to the Faculty of Arts.


The formal program continued on Tuesday morning with the Academic Forum where three of the faculty’s distinguished scholars delivered their lectures on the past and present of the faculty. The two days of celebration culminated on Tuesday afternoon with a less formal anniversary party that lasted long into the night. At 4 p.m. the great assembly hall resounded with the music of the folk and jazz band Bašavel. The next congratulator in line was Samuel Tomeček, a graduate from our faculty, who appeared with his band. The concert climaxed when Marián Varga took the stage and hypnotized the audience with his magnificent piano concert.


The party then moved to Gondova Street where a street organist entertained incoming guests. In between, in the small courtyard, the last preparations were made for another concert. Besides others, it featured a performance by Dano Madarás, Head of the Study Department, who presented himself as a great guitarist. Together with his RSPM band mates, he gave us a truly memorable concert experience. When it seemed that there were no surprises left, people’s breath was taken away by a spectacular fire show. Those who got hungry while dancing to the strains of traditional folk music could help themselves to a delicious sauerkraut soup, homemade strudel and kofola.


All in all, the atmosphere of the celebration was unforgettable and we enjoyed being part of it. Hopefully, we will all meet again in 10 years’ time when our beloved faculty will celebrate its centennial anniversary. Until that time, we wish it all the best!

Katarína Huszárová

The great assembly hall is getting ready for the concert (c) Tula Turanská

The faculty's management (c) Katarína Huszárová

Bašavel (c) Tula Turanská

Samo Tomeček (c) Tula Turanská

Marián Varga (c) Tula Turanská

A street organist (c) Tula Turanská

Folk music in the foyer (c) Katarína Huszárová

The small courtyard (c) Tula Turanská

The small courtyard in blue (c) Katarína Huszárová

Students meet lecturers (c) Katarína Huszárová

Dano Madarás and RSMP (c) Katarína Huszárová

Dano Madarás (c) Tula Turanská

The fire show (c) Tula Turanská

The fire show (c) Tula Turanská

Folk music (c) Tula Turanská