“Go and study,” they said… “It will be easy,” they said… by Princess Awesome

14/05/2012 15:32

Source: The Voice for School Choice

It’s been a while, I know. But I had to focus on my studies. Though I wish I could say that studying was the hardest part – nah!


Being a student of the third year of university here in Slovakia is not easy. I’m not complaining about the amount of knowledge we have to ingest in order to get our degrees. But the system is a complete mess which makes our lives even more complicated than they already are. I don’t even know where to start. Let’s see:


April 20, 2012. You know what I’m talking about. It was one of those days everybody was dreading. The end. The end of the semester, which meant that all classes had to be finished and all grades in. Plus it was the deadline for handing in thesis. Plus it was the deadline for submitting applications for our state exams. Are you freakin’ serious? It’s not like I have enough of my own already!


Then April 30: applications for the master’s program were supposed to be handed in and those little red notebooks where the results of our (in)famous days of studying are written were supposed to be delivered to the first floor. I just can’t help it but those ladies are super mean. At least to me. I still haven’t handed mine in, so if anybody asks, you haven’t seen me.


Not to mention that the finals or state exams are closing in at a dangerously high speed. And again, not like we don’t have enough of our own troubles remembering all kinds of subject-verb concords or such things. Na-ah – we have to make sure that the examining committee will be well-fed and rested and so we must prepare some snacks for them. I don’t mind – I would roast a damn turkey, but I would have to have time first! And the dress code? Oh how badly I wish I was a dude right now. I’d put on a suit and wouldn’t care whether my heels would give me blisters after a few hours or whether my hair or make up is perfect.


I guess this is a part of the whole process we signed up for three years ago. And I’m happy I can “enjoy” these moments with my classmates and teachers. Because I believe that ten or twenty years from now, I will look back and smile because when I’ll think of the past, I’ll know that back in 2012 we managed to survive a situation which at that time seemed hopeless to us. Every challenge makes us stronger, so let’s accept this one and let’s nail it like bosses. Good luck, folks!



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