Get Ready for the NaNoWriMo!

25/10/2012 21:41

All the creative souls of our department with great stories lingering at the back of your magnificent minds, greetings! The National Novel Writing Month might be the right thing to kick-start your literary career. This creative endeavor takes place every year at Your task is simple: you’ve got a month to write a novel.

The annual Thirty days and nights of literary abandon were founded in 1999 in the San Francisco Bay Area by a group of 21 enthusiasts who apparently got bored with the ongoing community activism. Since then the event has been growing exponentially with a total of 256,618 participants in 2011. 36,843 of them automatically became winners (everyone reaching or exceeding the minimum of 50,000 words is considered a winner). Interestingly enough, this figure matches the percentage of population suffering from chronic insomnia. But you need not worry about the possible psychological traumas too much. After all, once you decide to join, you only need to endure this exhausting commitment for a month. And mind you, November is one of the shortest months, so that kinda takes some pressure off too. The trick is to keep up a steady pace at any cost, which means writing some 1,666 words of (understandably) crappy literature a day.

So what are the upsides of this creative activity apart from finding out how much caffeine your body can handle before you need medical assistance? I would say a sense of achievement and perseverance. And a chance to finally give vent to your long suppressed urge to boast yourself a novelist. Besides that you will learn discipline and self-management indispensable for meeting deadlines in the world of professional writing without set working hours.

All you need to do is create an account at and keep track of your progress (which you can do at the homepage). So hurry up and pitch your story. The event is already well under way through planowrimo, October, the month of preparations. Set all your professional and social life aside and with the dawn of November 1st start writing that illustrious-Jane-Austen rip-off you know the world is desperately waiting for.





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