Fragments of a Day by Zuzana Hlubinová

05/01/2011 20:00

...and my worried mind

did not find the right password

and I had to fall asleep on the cracks

of my broken dream...



In the thick vapour from the shower

He disappeared

He left his girlfriend

in the hotel room

and went to send a message

to his lover

...Which one of them am I?...



It feels so good to be exposed

to his rage and fury

but his attempts to love me

make me cry



...and at the door I staggered

saw him desperate

I was not able to answer his question

how to handle me...



How do I melt this glacier in my throat

that will not let me pronounce

the three simple words:


I...the centre of my finite universe weakness and my grave...

LOVE...the most fragile emotion

that surrounds me like a heavy perfume white demon

the worst of the worst liars



My head felt like an anchor at the bottom

of the ocean

with his smile he tries

to soothe my pain

Just put two golden coins on my eyelids

and lock the door so no one

will walk into my dreams


Photo: Katarína Koreňová