For Monika Snowdrop by Katarína Mlichová

25/03/2012 14:06

(doorway to the next)


I am an umbilical vein buried

within Wharton’s jelly

I feed the curved C-shaped foetus with blood

leaking out out

of a Moses‘ rock



As a seal to be broken

Envelope to be open

by hot wax pouring out of the ash-red tunnel


soft and tender its’ walls once

upon a crimson time

like a silken word of hate


I feed an orphan


Behind the veil of human dependence              



Of human dependence token



I am a C-shaped foetus


As a seed of bean whom I resemble

As a ceased fire

Between dad and mum  

My father nurtures a love of art in me.

Amniotic fluid gurgling tranquilly

Like a good ocean of woman’s patience

Around my multiplying cells

Around my deaf ears

Around my blind eyes                                                          

Around my pure mind

Know everything




I am your Godmother

Cape of Good Hope

wish you grace

of elves



of the brightest of eagles

Voice of mountain brooks                                                                   

Brightness of the eldest trees on earth


Childhood of meadows of the Shire


the Fellowship of the wings


a father of valour

my dear child



I am an umbilical vein

Desperate for truth whom

I feel in the interior of my bowels

Licking it all the time

in the peace of creation

Know all about this flower

Without mother

‘cause know its very nutrition

Dense heavy clouds are beginning to gather

To hang over a misty city

With one heart beating

For all of ǝm hearts of the next world


And I will let the food pass through myself


For a few following passages

Until a dot

When scissors’ snap

Will give birth

And bring a speck of extinction to me.



I am death of your mother

I do my job with passion

Swallow all that you missed in her

Cover pastures of beasts‘ excrements

with snowy images

of the pleasant only

although your mother died twice

first time

when she refused to love you

second when I

consumed her


‘cause Happiness was the faerie

Whom she forgot to ask to your christening




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