Estranged by Oliver Méres

26/01/2012 17:03

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I scream in spasms
naked I run
to burn my feelings
deep in the sun.

Somewhere in agony
I've lost my name
and all the emotions
at once inflame.

Nothing seems real,
reason is gone.
In pain and senselessness
I shout in the dawn.

I'm breathing heavily
gasping for breath,
my eyes change color,
I run from death.

Through months of hours
nothing had changed.
Still in the flowers
we're lying estranged.

Sweet breeze of summer
is cooling our lips,
in love we're both falling
to total eclipse.

The greens of your eyes:
a kiss full of pain
I get up and run
into the rain.

Water runs down
burning my face,
silent I drown
leaving no trace.

Back in the garden
you're smiling at me
yet in your face
there's nothing to see.

I'm pulled and dragged,
and thrown back again,
ripped, torn apart,
tortured and slain.

My heart splits open
freckles come out,
my throat is burning,
broken I shout.

Darkness surrounds me
I burst into tears
and shrieking noises
are filling my ears.

Then again: silence
once more by your side.
Your eyes are now red:
Why have you cried?

You whisper my name
and lie on my chest
when suddenly, all at once
we're both undressed.

A bed, a couple
lying abreast
in burning agony
insanely possessed.

Two bodies knotting
in one another,
sweating and gasping
in breath we both smother.

The grasps of your hands,
the sweat on your veins,
in gentle movement
we're rid of all pains.

And when the fire
is burning the most,
you grasp even stronger
and moan like a ghost.

Then all at once
you're no more here.
Under my fingers
you disappear.

Darkness lights up
and woken from the dream
the world gains contours.
"No more!" I scream.

"Leave me alone
to walk through the night
until I find
that everything's right."

The moon is shining
yet everything's dim.
We are both different
than we may seem.

Yet to each other
we are the same.
Our lives are both falling
out of their frame.

But before I run
away from the flame,
please whisper, in my ear,
once more my name.

One last time let me hear
the sound of your voice.
Being here, nowhere else,
that is my choice.

You whisper my name,
embrace me tight
before I turn away
into the night.

You look at me warmly
and kindly you smile,
we embrace once more
and part in a while.

Walking away
echoes of my shoes
I look above, sigh.
There's nothing to lose.

I whisper in calmness,
silent I walk
to get used to how
from now on we'll talk.

Somewhere in these nights
I'll find my peace
and all of these pains
are bound to cease.

Through months of hours
something will change.
We'll smile at each other
with look no more strange.



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