English/American Culture: An Intensive Course

21/03/2012 10:40

With the date of state exams in English approaching, some people are kind of freaking out about the number of books on our compulsory literature list. Whether you're already studying hard or sitting down on your computer all day to write your BA-thesis, Perspectives has two useful tips this week. Because, after all, we study English language and culture, don't we? So let's check out some pieces of English culture in Bratislava. The plus is getting some background literature knowledge.


First, we invite you to learn about 1950s Beatniks in the movie Howl. This docudrama is not only about Allen Ginsberg's obscenity trial, but also about a struggle to find the unique artistic expression. A mixture of hallucinogenic animation, Ginsberg's interview, poetry and dramatized trial masterfully captures the starting point of a new counterculture.


Thursday, March 22, at 19:30, Filmový klub Lúky


Maybe you've heard a lot about Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett, but you've never actually read it. There's a solution to this problem – just go and see the brilliant stage production with B. Polívka at L+S. Its open-endedness leaves the viewer creative space for his own interpretation. If one listens carefully, one will be amazed how much profound yet practical life advice Beckett offers on such a small space. So what do you say? There's no better way of spending Thursday evening than going to see this absurd play about waiting for someone who might never show up. Except, of course, seeing Howl.


Thursday March 22 or 29, at 19.00, Štúdio L+S

Kristína Škovierová