Discover Bratislava

09/04/2013 16:58

Do not miss Bratislava's Open Day this year! Many institutions are opening their gates for us to enjoy our capital to the fullest.


The tradition of the Open Day is celebrating its 10th birthday this year. Is it not a good reason why you should spend some time outside and visit the places you've always meant to, but never really got down to doing it? There are many possibilities to choose from: museums, exhibitions, theatres and much more! Try the cable car from Železná studienka to Kamzík or become a child once more and watch some of the exotic species in the city Zoo. Discover the way some of the city institutions function. There will be a book swap meet under the auspices of the city library. If you are still hungry for more, try the sightseeing tour on the Danube. Or help promote tourism in Bratislava by describing your favorite place in the project Mapa City. And if your only problem seems to be the transport, take the historical tram or our famous red single-decker Prešporáčik.

The Open Day will take place on April 18 – 21 so make sure you don't miss it as it happens only once a year. Perspectives wishes you a great weekend.


Find the complete program here

Zuzana Servanská