Days of Volunteering Have Started!

21/09/2012 11:25

Change the world to be a better place and use your free time to help others who really need it. The civic association C.A.R.D.O. is organizing the fourth year of Days of Volunteering on 21 - 22 September. Various events aimed at recruiting new volunteers and promoting volunteering as such will take place all around the country. You may take part in the accompanying programme on the Primate’s Square (Primaciálne námestie) in Bratislava. For further information about the association, visit the shopping centre Eurovea where you will find an exhibition of the Days of Volunteering or you may attend a volunteering presentation. If you are restless and want to start helping others immediately, there are several weekend activities for you to choose from. You may want to help paint a children’s home or join others and reconstruct a children’s playground in Lamač. There are many ways to show your kindness, do good deeds and feel better about yourself.


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Zuzana Servanská