Dance Central 2

21/06/2012 20:33

Dance Central 2 is a sequel to the best-selling dance game for Xbox360 Kinect console by Harmonix Music Systems. It offers a wide range of new songs, a great variety of dance routines and lots and lots of fun.


Playing the game is really simple. You just turn on the game, select a song, a dancer and a venue and you can show off your skills. The main objective of the game is to master each song on each level of difficulty and gain gold stars, but of course you can play it just for fun. In order to get a routine right, you need to mirror the dancer on the screen and repeat the same moves as he or she does. On the right side you can see little boxes that indicate what the following step is going to be. Each correct move earns you points, and if you get enough, you are rewarded with five gold stars.


The Main Menu gives you two options to choose from - ‘Dance’ or ‘Crew Challenge.’ In ‘Crew Challenge’ you have to win a challenge; to earn a certain number of points in particular songs. ‘Dance’ offers the possibility of training a routine in ‘Break It Down’ mode where you are going to be explained the basics of all the moves; you will be able to see and try them in slow motion as well as in full speed. Then when you’re ready, just select ‘Perform It’ mode and dance for real. If you are a more experienced dancer, you can perform straight away without any training.


A great thing is that the game offers various levels of difficulty and therefore is appropriate for everyone. Each of the provided songs is rated with numbers 1 to 6 that stand for the difficulty of individual moves in the routine. If you want an easy one, choose one of the songs on the top of the list. As you move down in the list, the songs become more and more difficult. There are also three different levels of difficulty in ‘Perform It’ mode and they influence the difficulty of the routine as a whole. Easy ones have fewer steps and they are repeated over a longer period of time, while hard ones will require you to make more steps and they will change more frequently. No matter what your level of experience is, you can find the right routine for you, have fun with it and get better step by step.


The music selection includes such hits as ‘I like it’ by Enrique Iglesias, ‘Born this way’ by Lady Gaga, ‘Rude boy’ by Rihanna, ‘Grenade’ by Bruno Mars or (and this is my personal favorite) ‘Whip My Hair’ by Willow Smith. There is a possibility to create up to five playlists, each one with 20 songs, and you can dance without a break. There is also a ‘Fitness’ mode that can keep track of how many calories you burn during the game. Dance Central 2 has a single-player as well as a multiplayer mode, and the other player can step into the game anytime, even during the dance. Just raise your hand and you’re in.


As far as the technical side of the game is concerned, it has a great quality, the characters look very natural and realistic and their moves are smooth and precise. Even visually it is a wonderful experience to play as the venues light up when you get the moves right. The game control is pretty easy too. You can move around the menu either with your hand, or you can use your controller.                                                                                                                             

Overall, Dance Central 2 is a great game with really good quality that can provide you not only with a lot of fun, but it is a convenient way to exercise as well and can help you to keep in shape. Moreover, the game is suitable for everybody – more experienced dancers, people with two left feet, adults or kids. If you like to dance and you own a Kinect console, be sure to check it out.

Zuzana Grančičová




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