12/03/2012 21:25

Have you been feeling kind of dispirited lately? Do you want to escape from reality for a while?


If so, let us invite you to an unconventional music event that will certainly help you forget your everyday worries. Computer-generated noise, weird electronic sounds and tangible melodies accompanied by melancholically shimmering visuals will carry you into different spheres of the cosmos of your dreams.


In the words of the web portal, within 4 liveacts, 4 VJ performances and 5 DJ sets, you will become acquainted with “the uncompromisingly progressive electronic scene that does not approve of the old legislative barriers or of the parentheses of music critics”. As you can imagine, these artists are not afraid to go far beyond the limits of the conventional music scene.


This event is the first, but surely not the last one organized by the project “DADA-ACTA”. It introduces a group of Czech and Slovak artists—::.:, asebest, break!fast, chaosdroid, detwork, hLukáš, Jacques Kustod, memb, stix, tove, Urbanfailure, VH-T-D and zden—united by the idea of expressing their disagreement with the ACTA publically. “DADA-ACTA” was created as a reaction to the renewed attempts at implementing the dangerous Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) in February 2012. If you want to know more about their activity, check out the following website where you can read the opinions of individual artists about the ACTA and listen to their music through which they express their disapproval:


So, if you are interested in seeing what these audiovisual wizards are capable of, do not hesitate to sacrifice 3 euros of your pocket money and come to enjoy this unique symphony of sounds and noises with us. See you on March 17, 2012 at 8 p.m., in KC Dunaj.


Anna Ďurišíková

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