Curtis Did It Again!

03/01/2014 17:12

Review of About Time (2013), dir. Richard Curtis


I sat in the cinema with no expectations whatsoever. I was glad to see my friend again after a long time and thought I would give the film a go. Be sure that I was pleasantly surprised when it left me positively charged and smiling broadly!

About Time is a film by Richard Curtis (well known for Notting Hill or Love Actually), who definitely soaked the whole script and picture with his good spirits. The cast describe him as a good-natured, witty, and honest man with his heart in the right place.

Brief plot: The main character Tim (Domhnall Gleeson), an awkward 21-year old ginger, is told a secret: all men in his family can travel in time. When his father (Bill Nightly) asks him what he would like to use it for, Tim admits that he would finally like to find the love of his life. Now before you go rolling your eyes and yawning and shaking your head disapprovingly, thinking ‘Yeah, I’ve heard this before…,’ let me stop you. It’s not a chick flick (just to be clear I’ve seen a lot of men in the cinema). Not only does it make you laugh at the awkwardness of some situations and witty comments, but it also leaves space to dig in deeper. What do I do with the time I’m given on Earth…? How can I make the world a better place? How much of your own comfort are you willing to sacrifice to make others happy?

It’s a film with a touch of fantasy, dealing with love, family relations, full of quirky characters, and it’s loaded with British humour. So if you are a fan of British humour, and you want to be in a good mood, you should definitely give it a go.

I’d also like to look at the film from a translator’s point of view. In the posters in town you could see Lásky čas, which sounds good but can be misleading. About Time suggests that there is more to it than just finding love. The expression “about time” can also imply that something is due to happen and it’s actually high time that you did it. What do you think of: Už je načase, Už je čas or just Čas? What would your suggestions be?


Last piece of advice: don’t watch the trailer! It reveals far too much.     


Kristína Pobjecká



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