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Are you tired of the election campaign and the numerous political billboards that decorate our streets in this pre-election time? Are you fed up with politics? Try to have a different look at it by seeing one of the best political plays ever written. Of course, it comes from the pen of nobody else but the greatest of the greatest playwrights, William Shakespeare.

The play is entitled Coriolanus and it is a political tragedy which chronicles the life of the mighty warrior Caius Marcius Coriolanus. He supports the old patrician ways and is totally out of tune with the needs of ordinary people. He is not a typical Shakespearean hero and resembles more the ancient classical greats such as Achilles or Odysseus. Audiences and readers often find it difficult to identify with him and consider him an unsympathetic character. Besides Milan Ondrík in the lead role, you get to see Anna Javorková as his ambitious mother Volumnia, Jozef Vajda as Cominius, Marián Geišberg as Tulius Aufidius, and many others.


The play covers many issues and opens discussion about democracy or pride coming before a fall. As it puts forward the revolutionary idea that the democratic system is not the ideal type of government, it was banned in some countries, for example, in France in 1930. T. S. Eliot claimed that this play surpassed Hamlet, and he even alluded to Coriolanus in his work The Waste Land: “Revive for a moment a broken Coriolanus.”

Although Coriolanus is not the most famous play by Shakespeare, it is highly appreciated by critics and theatre-goers all around the world. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see the play and visit the Slovak National Theatre on March 1, 2012.

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