"Čo dokázala filozofická"

20/02/2013 21:51

The event “Chcete vedieť, čo dokáže filozofická” was a party held on Tuesday, February 19th in Moyzes Hall. It was organized by two alumni of the Faculty of Arts, Mgr. Juraj Kušnír and Mgr. Ľubomír Jančok, who wanted to meet the current students and inspire them to work with the possibilities and chances the faculty has to offer. In the audience sat the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, prof. PhDr. Jaroslav Šušol, PhD., our teachers, students and alumni.

Honestly, I would never have expected so many participants. Students from the whole faculty came to see the two role models who showed everyone how to succeed in life after graduating from the university.

 Photo by courtesy of Katarína Prelovszká

Excuse me for summing up at the beginning, but the catch-phrase of the evening was (to) “DO SOMETHING!”. Complaining and wallowing around because Prague or Paris or New York have better universities, probably won’t solve your problems. What you want to do instead is to gather experience and “lines to your CV” as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s a school newspaper, a sports team or a drama club. Personal engagement, innovation and creativity are highly valued with employers, regardless of the activity you participate in. Personally, I wouldn’t boast about having worked as a cleaning lady when applying for a translator’s job, but it surely worked for these guys.

Juraj Kušnír is the president of Alaska Travel, helping young people work and travel in the U.S. Ľubomír Jančok published his book “Francúzsky paradox” (The French Paradox) after collecting his experience from Sorbonne. They didn’t brag about what they have accomplished, just tried to motivate without sounding too much like motivational speakers.

Jančok’s book

Kušnír’s Alaska Travel

And they managed to do that by having an excellent MC, asking brief questions in three blocks with musical intermezzo of the bands Huálen and RSPM. I have nothing to add but to sing their praises because both were amazing performances of the faculty alumni.

Musical performance of RSPM feat. Dano Madarás


We would definitely like to thank the organizers and faculty members for this event and express our hope to see more activity on the side of both students and teachers because what the Faculty of Arts does is up to all of us!


Eva Majerčiaková



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