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29/09/2013 03:24

Did you know that ActofKAA has been a civic association for some time? That our actors feel at home on stage? And that vicious and strange characters are fun to play? Well, we neither! Now it’s time to lift the curtain and get a peek behind the scenes of our marvellous acting group at KAA. Evka Bystričanová (2bpANNE), Klára Klimčíková (3bpANNE), Žanet Morovská (2bpANSP), Aďo Jancík (3bpANSP), Michal Pestún (3bpANSV), Maťo Majzlík (3bpANSV) and Mirko Rosenberg (3bpANNE) told us more.

                From left to right: Mirko, Evka, Aďo, Maťo, Barbie, Miško, Petra, Lucia


"This acting group is actually a reason

why I have a place to sleep."


Why did you join the KAA theatre troupe? What or who was your motivation?

The motivation differs. Half of the group wanted to pursue acting already as children and the other half was dragged in more or less accidentally by Klára Klimčíková.

Evka: “I wanted to join already in my first term at university, but then a lot of schoolwork came in the way. Then Klára called me up. I wanted to sing too and, at the beginning, they said I could, but then thought better of it. (LOL)”

Aďo: “Klára dragged me in. My parents used to ask me all the time why I wouldn’t study acting, but I didn’t want to. Then I asked Klára whether I could join the group and she said yes. At first, I wasn’t sure if I were any good for the role, but she told me I would do great. I don’t want to make an impression of a greedy cad, but then I also found out that I would get extra credits and points for the dormitory. This acting group is actually a reason why I have a place to sleep.”

Miško: “Before my English studies, I was a member of LUDUS art school, but I had to quit, because I was too old for it. Then some of my friends here joined the group, so I thought I would give it a go too.”

Žanet: “I have always wanted to be an actress, but I can’t sing and, unfortunately, VŠMÚ requires also singing. At the matriculation to our faculty, I accidentally found out that this theatre group exists and I felt really excited about it. I contacted Gabika Vašová, went to the rehearsal and here I am. Till now, I have been given only small roles, but I am very grateful for every one of them. I have always loved showing off. (LOL)”

Mirko: “It was a real accident. Klára asked me if I’ve got time to go with her to a rehearsal and here I am. (LOL)”

When we asked “Who is the leader of the group?” everybody said “Klára!” in unison. Evka explained that each of them is special and unique, but Klára is the one who glues them together. She just wouldn’t let you turn your back on the group.


"However strange it may seem,

English sounds to me more natural

than Slovak."


Our next question was simple: Do you have stage fright? Basically, everyone agreed that after being on stage for some time, the butterflies in their stomachs just fly away unnoticed and thankfully don’t come again.

Mirko: “When the spectators are hidden in the dark, I don’t mind. However, one time we played at the Polish institute where I could actually see the audience staring back at me and that made me a bit nervous.”


"I like characters that are not the main ones,

but they are still active and kind of significant."


Does English make acting more demanding?

After rehearsing a play for three months, English surely is no trouble at all,” Maťo summed up. Evka added that it certainly brings more advantages than disadvantages. Acting in a foreign language is a very enriching experience that teaches you not only new phrases but also helps your self-improvement. As Aďo put it, they are more likely to be excused when a slip of the tongue occurs. And hopefully, our phonology teachers’ ears will be pleased by the various forms of English we can hear on stage as well. However, as Žanet mentioned, her dream would be to act in Slovak, too. She also admitted that it’s not easy to pick one variety of English.

Žanet: “It can happen that you begin a sentence in British English and finish it in American. However, I’m willing to accept the challenge to improve myself and be a worthy representative of our faculty.”

Additionally, Klára explained how she feels about acting in a foreign language: “However strange it may seem, English sounds more natural to me than Slovak.”


"It warms the cockles of my heart

to hear people laugh."


What kind of character (or which genre) do you like to play?

Everybody is very keen on comedies and doesn’t mind playing any kind of character. Evka said that in the play “Out of Order“ each one of them kind of identifies with the role they’re playing. Some members of the group even specified their wishes and dream-roles.

Evka: “Someday, I would really like to play somebody tender and sweet like a princess or a witch (LOL). You know, the beautiful fairytale one who always gets her prince in the end.”

Aďo: “I want the crowd to laugh at me. That’s the main reason why I enjoy doing this. It warms the cockles of my heart to hear people laugh. It is even better than a chicken soup. At the end of the term, nobody wants to dwell on some deep philosophical questions with the upcoming exams in the back of their minds. That’s why we choose comedies.”

Žanet: “I don’t know why, but I always get to play some crazy person living in her own world. One day I would love to get a role of a bitch. (LOL)”

Mirko: “I always play weird characters. (LOL) For example, now I’m playing a corpse, so I don’t have that many lines. I like characters that are not the main ones, but they are still active and kind of significant.”

Maťo: “I like playing in comedies, but once I would like to try to play in a drama. There you get to show other expressions and emotions, and that could be interesting.”

Klára: “I prefer negative characters. I find the good ones duller. I think I can show more of my skills while playing someone bad.”

We also wanted to know whether they would like to act in the future (after their studies). “Aiming for Hollywood of course!” Klára joked. Honestly, such a huge success and a massively impressed audience can’t go by without notice. Žanet revealed that ActofKAA is now an official registered civic association. That means that whenever they feel like coming back together, there is still the possibility. “We will see what the future holds for us,” Aďo thought aloud. For some of these lovely people acting will be a closed chapter they and their audience as well will definitely come back to again and again.

Our theatre troupe shared with us also some extra information about the now-in-pre-production-play. It will certainly be a comedy, but it’s supposed to be a surprise, so we can’t tell what we can’t tell.

And what are they doing right now? Rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing and in the meantime trying to participate in Vyšehradský festival, which will be held on 21-22 February 2014. Theatre troupes from the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary will also perform at the event. There are still some issues that need to be worked out, so keep your fingers crossed for this wonderful crew.

We had a great time chatting with Evka, Aďo, Mišo, Žanet, Mirko, Maťo and Klára and on behalf of the whole group, we would like to invite you to the Monday (30 Sept. 2013) performance, which starts at 8 pm in KC Dunaj. You can buy the tickets right at the door before the show. (Students - €3; non-students €4)

Let your friends know too and come have a laugh! A perfect way to start a new semester.

Lucia Augustínová and Kristína Pobjecká



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