Bedford Ave by Tamara Danková

08/02/2012 16:57

A poetry reader and a poetry writer
sitting in front of each other
in a café
A poetry writer and a poetry reader
Who can tell the difference?

Those two were supposed to meet
at one January noon in Malý Rím
Now sipping their no sugar no milk
and sharing a French cheescake
in between

One of them scribbling e.nd
One of them reading
e.njoying the evening not yet
in accordance with hipster's fad

Give me yours and I
will read you my
lines full of emotional trash
worth more than
all the Broadway crap
for me for you
worth more than the MoMA stuff
somebody called it ART
one day and now
they stick to it afraid
ashamed unable to give it
a proper name

Blue stripes
White stripes
Red stripes
An apartment scheme
a bottle of coke
and the American flag
You're free
to take picture of it
not allowed to drink
it's art and you're thirsty
to sing the anthem may be risky
it could be unlawful

The black - pardon me
The Afro-American man born
in the USA advised you
so beware
do not dare
to stare too long
they could take it as an offense
to the 28th Amendment of the Constitution

Free to watch
but not to touch
Free to admire
but not to talk loud
you might disturb the others
who are also free
to come and see
if they are able
if they are willing
to pay a 24$ fee



Tamara Danková