At Least by Katarína Mlichová

18/10/2011 17:18

My sweetheart used to have dark eyes

At least she didn’t have a dark soul


My home used to be full of books

At least they were not full of rubbish


My days used to be infinite

At least it has come to an end


My friends used to be as few as stars in the daylight

At least


My head used to provide space for many UFOs

At least some of them landed on paper


My times used to be full of addicts

At least they got used to death


My evenings used to listen to the soul music

At least I wasn’t lonely


My eyes used to get wet easily

At least I did not suffer from depression


My laugh used to make other people laugh

At least life was colourful


My hopes used to write my daydreams

I did not have daymares, at least


My hands used to draw my hands

At least they used to hold daisies


My ways used to be extreme

At least  I did it my way it seems


This poem used to have no title

I’ll give it one at the end


At least