As Average As Average Can Be

17/04/2010 16:36

CherylCole-3WordsFront.jpg image by semprul 


Cheryl Cole - 3 Words (2009)

** (out of 5 -> average/dull/not recommended)

3 Words is Cheryl Cole’s solo debut album. She is a member of the pop band Girls Aloud. They are popular mainly in Britain, but they are also commercially successful and notable mainly for their catchy dance and pop tunes. Taking a break, some of the band members decided to embark on a solo career.  

This album is really average. I would even say that it’s slightly below average. One expects, like I noted above, catchy dance songs that needn't have perfect lyrics, but at least you like their tune. Somehow Cheryl took the wrong road here. Real dance numbers are but rare and the lyrics are sometimes really awful. Let’s start with the opening track “3 Words” featuring To be frank, this is really a boring song: the beat starts and then dies, then appears again but by then you are bored to death, not wishing to listen to it again. One wonders why this is being released as the second single. But then you realize - ok, it is just this song, she has time to turn it around. “Parachute” is the next song; it is a mid-tempo number--a nice song, but nothing special. However, what ruins the impression are its lyrics: “I don’t need a parachute, baby, if I got you. Baby, if I got you, I don’t need a parachute. You’re gonna catch me...” Come on, that is really lame. Next up is “Heaven” again featuring, which makes you wonder whose this album is. Is it still Cheryl's? Anyway, this song passes by again and doesn’t leave anything notable. Thankfully, “Fight for this Love,” her first single follows. It is very good and sparks the light of hope that this album can get better. With “Rain on Me” taking you finally to the floor, one is happy and thinks, ‘Yes, it is not that bad.’ “Rain on Me” is the standout of this album with explosive chorus--lovely indeed. So we have the flame, yay, but after songs like “Make Me Cry” and “Happy Hour,” it is off and now for good. Boring and dull is how I can characterize these songs--truly disappointing. By now you realize that it is hopeless and “Stand Up” is just a desperate try to turn the fate of this album, yet it is an average dance track again. The rest of the album is dull as well. “Don’t Talk About this Love” is a ballad not worth mentioning. The last two songs again feature and they just underline the fact that Cheryl has not found her place on the album. To be honest, I was happy this album came to its end. Cheryl, let’s face it--this is not a good album.

With perhaps 5 listenable songs, of which only one is great, this is really a disappointing release. So to recap: “Rain on Me” is really good; “Fight For this Love”, “Stand Up” and “Parachute” are average but still good. The rest are not worth your time. And just one note on the cover: it is shocking how right Cheryl was when she predicted that this album is to die soon because it looks really gloomy.

Jozef Hipp