Art Exhibition DELETE: Erasure as a Powerful Cultural Statement

05/03/2012 21:15



If you're still wondering how to spend your weekend besides enjoying the wonderful weather, Perspectives has an idea. How long is it that you've been to an art exhibition? And if you're not so much into “old boring paintings“, then DELETE. Art and Expunction. is exactly for you.


Sure, artists want to leave their mark on the world, and one usually thinks they add more and more to their work. The Delete exhibition shows what it looks like the other way around. Minimalism and conceptualism not only in the creative process, but as a theme. The exhibition's aim is to meaningfully structure and concentrate works and contributions of artists who use the processes of separation, defragmentation and erasure in their oeuvre. Abstract as it sounds, those pictures have more to life than you would imagine.


Our age of information overload and accumulation until one finally gets choked obviously needs a counterattack. Check out how Slovak contemporary artists deal with it in SNG Bratislava, Esterházy Palace, Saturdays & Sundays.

Kristína Škovierová