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02/02/2013 18:46



    Do you ever feel like you should be getting more from your studies?

    Do you ever feel like travelling all over the world and getting exciting experience for your future?

    Then AIESEC is a way to go.


    AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run non-profit organization. After passing a selection process, university students may either become members of the organization or participate in various internships in one of 113 countries all over the world. International programs inspire new ideas, offer space for getting a feel of a working environment, and introduce new approaches of coping with critical situations.


    How do students benefit from the internship?


    “El Salvador is a country full of contrasts. I lived there for 6 months and I am sure that had I stayed longer, I would never tire of finding things both surprising and fascinating for me. I enjoyed my internship very much and I never regretted my choice. I am already planning to come back to the paradise I found there. I am grateful to AIESEC for giving me the opportunity to live my dream.”

    Cultural internship - Miška, El Salvador


     “I lived in Venezuela for three and a half months and left with valuable experience. This opportunity has given me a lot and I am currently looking for another internship in Latin America because I love this continent. I strongly recommend to take advantage of an internship and go. Every country may be different, but the experience they have to offer is priceless. I met lots of interesting people and got to know a different culture, which eventually turned out not to be so different from the European one.”

    Professional internship - Šebok, Venezuela


    So what do you think now? Would you like to live your dreams with AIESEC, too?



            Ingrid Lysičanová



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