Agatha Christie Towards Zero

05/03/2013 13:50

We know you are probably fed up with all the crime series on TV, coming at you from every other channel. How about trying a classical crime story? Perspectives would like to invite you to one written by the internationally bestselling master of detective fiction, Agatha Christie, entitled Towards Zero.

Agatha Christie was a British writer most famous for her detective novels, short stories and creation of the well-known detective character Hercule Poirot. Although Mr. Poirot does not appear in the play Towards Zero, it does not lose on its “detectiveness”. The mystery is to be solved by Inspector James Leach, neighbour of the old Lady Tressilian who gets killed during summer holidays. So who is the murderer? The tennis star Nevile Strange, his ex-wife Audrey or his new wife Kay? Or someone completely different?

Find out for yourself in Divadlo Aréna on 9 March. The Slovak version of the play is directed by Roman Polák. Also, you will have a chance to see some of our famous actors and actresses as Juraj Loj, Zuzana Kanócz, Eva Sakálová or Martin Mňahončák.


So hurry up! If you would like to go, it’s high time you bought your tickets and started looking forward to this detective adventure.


You can buy the tickets here:


Zuzana Servanská


Photo source: Divadlo Aréna



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