A Weekend with Irish Theatre

24/11/2011 19:19

For a number of years already, the Irish Embassy has encouraged and supported a small Slovak theatre company, Divadlo Kontra, based in Spišská Nová Ves, which frequently produces the work of Irish dramatists in translation.


Next month, for the first time in Bratislava, Divadlo Kontra will perform Conor McPherson’s St Nicholas and Samuel Beckett’s A Piece of Monologue at Studio 12 at 7 p.m. on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December, respectively. Both productions have been specially translated for Divadlo Kontra, both are directed by Klaudynka Rozhin and both star Peter Čižmár.


Conor McPherson's St. Nicholas is the story of a cynical and disagreeable theatre critic whose mid-life crisis takes a sudden turn for the supernatural: after falling in love with an actress, he leaves Ireland and his job and becomes involved with a coven of vampires living in London. It is an allegory combining humour and horror, reality and fantasy, satisfying our latent hunger for myths and mysteries and touching on our deepest existential fears and anxieties.


Beckett’s hauntingly poetic dramaticule A Piece of Monologue is about the absurdity of repeated rituals of everydayness and about living that is only a modality of dying.


As the Irish Embassy made some tickets available to the faculty and students of our department, contact Dr. Huttová if you are interested in seeing one of the plays. Once the tickets are gone, you can also make a reservation with Peter Čižmár at peciz9(at)gmail.com or 0907 908 986.