A new website of the Central European Young Canadianists

18/05/2010 22:43

CEACS has the pleasure to announce that a new website of the Central European Young Canadianists has been launched. It can be found at www.yc-jc.eu.

This initiative of young scholars aims at bringing together young colleagues from the Central European region in order to exchange ideas, their experience and academic achievements. CEACS plans to bring these students into closer cooperation on projects, conferences and establish a new generation of young Candianists.

Students who wish to become members can send in their registration form which can be downloaded from the website in section “Become a member” (https://www.yc-jc.eu/index.php/en/become-a-member). Those who are not CEACS members should follow the instructions on the website, get in touch with their country representatives (Lucia Otrísalová for Slovakia) and pay the registration fee of 7 EUR by Friday, 4th June 2010.

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