A Baguette a Day Keeps the Student Fed

04/12/2013 18:45

Let‘s be honest. What are the most common feelings that you experience in the university corridors every day? I’d say the answers would be “tired“ and “hungry“. And we, as your trusty magazine offering helpful information, would like to change this into “energetic“ and “happy“. Imagine that you have a long day at school (which probably won’t be that hard), you are hungry as a bear, but even your poor time management skills tell you there is no time to go home to get some of the great schnitzels your mum is making for lunch (or you know, bread with butter... you are a big adult now, you make your own nourishing meals). No worries, there is a simple solution to your problem, and it lies just a few minutes away. We bring you a list of the best places to get something cooked to eat, which are less than 10 minutes away from Gondova 2, so that you can pick any of them according to how much time and money you have to spare.


We should start with,

The School Canteen – you can get there in under 2 minutes

You may have heard about this one from the standee situated in our faculty’s entrance hall. The main advantages of eating in a school canteen are the best price (1,80euro), it’s the closest (you don’t even have to put on your coat if you are ok with a few seconds in the brisk December chill of the atrium), and the food has to be consumable because if you got poisoned and died the school wouldn’t get any more subsidy for you. I also find the fact that they have Hogwarts salt and pepper shakers somehow attractive.


BeAbout – 2 minutes (depending on how fast you can pack your bags and how many people are standing at the entrance door trying to figure out the long-lasting debate about who goes first - in or out?)

You can find it at Prešernova 4, which sounds complicated, but it’s actually right behind Gondova 2. Just go along the building and take the first turn you find. BeAbout, although mainly a burger place, offers a menu of the day for a reasonable price of €3.85 and you can choose from 2 options. If you want to celebrate switching from baguettes to cooked food like a real gourmet they offer a Premium menu of the day for €4.65 (usually Italian cuisine). You can also try some of their homemade, real burgers, although you’ll need a much larger budget.


Rock Ok – 4 minutes 

As you are standing at the crosswalk, waiting for the mythical green light to appear, you can look to your right. There is a green corner-building, and at the base of the building you can see the banner ROCK OK. It’s a music bar dedicated to good old rock and metal music. The interior decorations and menu stick to the theme and so, your lunch can be a “Stairway to Heaven“ or a “Highway to Hell“, depending on your taste. You can get a menu of the day for €3.70, which is a soup, 2dL mineral water and 3 choices for your main course – a whole pizza, a salad or a specialty, usually Slovak or Czech cuisine.

Spaghetti Leviathan – 8 minutes

Hanging around Safarik Square you must have bumped into Luigi prancing around holding a sign that advertises the first healthy fast food around. You can find the green Spaghetti Leviathan bistro at Medena Street (take a left turn at Dm Market and go straight on). Their menu is quite simple – it’s spaghetti and then if you’d like a change you can get penne. They offer a variety of sauces: spicy, salty and sweet, so everybody can have what they like. Their offer 3 types of menus of the day: small – 400 g (€2.80), medium – 600 g (€3.80) and large 800 g (€4.80). Each menu consists of pasta and sauce of your choice, with either a soup, a bowl of tiramisu or a pint of Kofola. There is also a pitcher of water gratis on each table and they will rock your lunch break with music from the 50’s and 60’s. The only thing that is not so green about this green restaurant is the plastic crockery and cutlery, which they supposedly recycle. By the way, if you feel REALLY hungry, you can enter an all-you-can-eat contest and try to beat the record in eating spaghetti, which is currently over 1800 g.


If you feel like having something traditional, with a homey feel, you can try Lúčnica restaurant (7 minutes, menu of the day for €3.50), which serves traditional Slovak dishes like halushki and pyrohy or A-klub (also 7 minutes, menu of the day for €3.95), with the most student-sounding name – Akademický klub, but the least academic prices.


And as a bonus:

Karmina – 6 minutes

To show how much Perspectives readers mean to us, we decided to get into investigative journalism, risk our lives, and also visit the legendary Karmina cafeteria. This jewel, just a stone’s throw away, was actually built for students in the socialist era. Students left, the socialist feel remains. I’d recommend Karmina to students who are not exactly fans of hygiene, think that sitting while eating is too mainstream or are just really adventurous. The daily menu is (surprisingly) €3.49, and if you can’t decide what to have, there is a lovely showcase right next to the entrance, which shows a real live specimen of each dish on a plate. Meat is a specialty of Karmina, that’s why their banner also has the subheading “Butcher’s Pub“. It sounds very rustic in English, but in Slovak, it just denotes the harmonious connection of a meat serving cafeteria and the handy little pub that is right next to it. Tourist Baedekers recommend Karmina as a place where foreigners can experience the old times. The last interesting piece of information is that if you opened one of the charming little dirty Windows on Štúrova Street, you would see a long staircase leading through a tiled tunnel right into Karmina’s kitchen. Appetizing :)


That’s all for now, we hope we helped you decide where to get something good to eat, gain the strength you need for studying, and the corridors will be filled with happy, well-fed students. If there are any good places to eat which you have tried yourselves, let us know! See you next time in volume 2, where we’ll try to solve the problem of tiredness.


You can always look up the menus of the day on these websites:






                                                                                                                                      Stanislava Nichtová


Pictures: Stanislava Nichtová, https://www.bratislavahotels.com, https://www.zlavomat.sk, https://www.ilovemusic.sk



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