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Days of Volunteering Have Started!

21/09/2012 11:25
Change the world to be a better place and use your free time to help others who really need it. The civic association C.A.R.D.O. is organizing the fourth year of Days of Volunteering on 21 - 22 September. Various events aimed at recruiting new volunteers and promoting...

Brace Yourselves...Mobility Is Coming!

19/09/2012 20:36
Couldn‘t get to the first class of the new academic year on time because of a traffic jam? Spent hours looking for a parking space and then scratched your car getting in the tight spot? Have been coughing because of high smog levels...

Noc literatúry / Literature Night 2012

15/05/2012 17:20
Are you tired of reading? Would you like to return to the old days when stories were read to you before you went to sleep? Now you have a great opportunity to enjoy contemporary literature without having to read a single word. Prominent Slovak actors, Zuzana...

NO COMMENT Exhibition

04/05/2012 18:13
The year 2011 in press photography and caricature Photo: Martin Bandžák (   Roaming around downtown with ice-cream in one hand and a fan in the other (which is a very useful thing in this incredible heat), why not...

Book Swap Meet

22/04/2012 12:15
Photo: SITA What can you buy for 40 cents? A scoop of ice cream? A packet of chewing gum? Maybe a small drink? But you can definitely buy something that will enrich your mind. The City Library in Bratislava is holding a book swap...
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