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Film Festival Alert

30/10/2012 19:08
Are you hungry for some cinematic pleasure? How about spending a couple of cold November evenings warm and snug watching quality movies at the International Film Festival? If you have no plans for the days following 9th November, write IFF in your Schedule....

Get Ready for the NaNoWriMo!

25/10/2012 21:41
All the creative souls of our department with great stories lingering at the back of your magnificent minds, greetings! The National Novel Writing Month might be the right thing to kick-start your literary career. This creative endeavor takes place every year at...

The International Poetry Festival Ars Poetica

15/10/2012 11:25
Or the art of poetry. But not just that. The festival will be a fine display of culture, feeding its visitors with words, images and sounds.   Perspectives team would like to cordially invite you to Ars Poetica festival, one of the largest...

Does the World Seem Crumpled?

11/10/2012 13:16
  Or is everything all right? Should we close our eyes and pretend not to see anything? If you want to know how things really work in the world, you have a chance to visit the 39th International Festival of Sustainable Development Films. The festival will take...

Festival BLAF! Back in Town

04/10/2012 12:47
3. - 7. Oct. 2012 Bratislava Art Festival is a one-week festival of visual arts, offering visitors a chance to experience, understand, perceive and discuss art. The festival is also a platform for active cooperation and networking of public and private galleries,...
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