Dodgy Translations

“Excuse me, waiter? There’s a feather in my ice cream.”

24/06/2012 17:32
Salaš Stupava, March 2012 (Lynda Steyne) This was a very long time ago, before cell phones had cameras. To be honest, it was before cell phones. And digital cameras. It was probably before you were born. Making it from the era of big hair and disco...

Instructions on how to use ticket vending machines in Bratislava

After you get on a public transportation bus

Slovak Pub's menu (also available online at

What foreigners encounter when seeking temporary or permanent residence permits

Slovak Pub... again:-)

Don't you understand? We can say it even louder. A dodgy translation from Gran Canaria

(By courtesy of Mária Hudáková)

Lost in Translation - China

(By courtesy of Kristína Hapáková)

Their clients pay a fortune for low-quality apartments and they can't afford a decent translation?

(By courtesy of Martina Mikušová)

Read the washing instructions carefully before washing your pullover:-)

(By courtesy of Jana Paulíková)