Books You'll Fall in Love With

12/02/2014 19:36
I have totally fallen in love. The object of my affection is not even a man because Detective Grant, the protagonist of Ben Aaronovitch's books is far too galling me to be attractive for me. All in all, the series Rivers of London in which he appears as the main character has...

Top 10 Books for Winter Nights

26/01/2014 16:05
Photo: M Glasgow (via Flickr) The weather conditions outside are changing, and even if we aren’t so glad about this, winter has finally come. These long winter evenings seem to be a perfect time for you to get to know a few books in your cosy armchair or bed. Therefore, let’s...

Etymology Is Fun!

14/12/2013 13:59
... or how I realized one can actually enjoy obscure and even quite ordinary WORDS. Some of us had to go through the etymology class in our department, some of you are just eagerly waiting what it looks like. Yes, all of us felt it doesn’t make sense at all at times... For...
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Our Weekly Ten: 10 Super Energetic Songs

01/05/2013 20:29
Generally, every day filled with sunshine makes me feel this incredible lust for life. Like I want to dance in the streets, smile at the whole world and actually do something. Maybe it’s just me, but these ten songs are filled with so much energy that I bet they’ll make you...

Our Weekly Ten: 10 Hey Songs

22/04/2013 20:30
Hey guys! Hey! It seems we got overwhelmed by this simple word. But isn’t the real beauty hidden in the simplest things? While listening to my favourite song of the week, it occurred to me I could come up with a list of the best songs with this viral interjection playing the main role....

Our Weekly Ten: 10 Slovak Export Songs

18/04/2013 21:00
There are these rare occasions when I am just sitting at home, watching music channels, and I keep asking myself: what is it that makes Romanian pop stars get world-wide success and how come that Iceland, a country with fewer inhabitants than Bratislava, equals to superlative...
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Dance Central 2

21/06/2012 20:33
Dance Central 2 is a sequel to the best-selling dance game for Xbox360 Kinect console by Harmonix Music Systems. It offers a wide range of new songs, a great variety of dance routines and lots and lots of fun.   Playing the game is really simple. You...

The Best Companion of a Travelling Student? MacBook Pro!

01/05/2012 18:13
Since last April I’ve been a rather satisfied user of the well-known MacBook Pro. The computer, made by Apple, is known for a good build quality, respectable tech specs and an operating system tailored to the hardware that runs it. Let’s try to take a look at the...


Curtis Did It Again!

03/01/2014 17:12
Review of About Time (2013), dir. Richard Curtis Photo: I sat in the cinema with no expectations whatsoever. I was glad to see my friend again after a long time and thought I would give the film a go. Be sure that I was pleasantly...

How I Met Your Mother – Who’s Barney’s Wife?

03/09/2012 21:19
The CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother has been around for seven seasons and has kept its viewers asking who Ted’s wife will be and how he will meet her. The series, however, became a lot more than the simple story of Ted meeting his wife, producing lots of interesting storylines...

A Biography of a Bizarre Man

31/07/2012 20:21
Review of J. Edgar (2011), dir. Clint Eastwood Photo: After the amazing Million Dollar Baby or Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood’s latest movie, J. Edgar, is not a shocking surprise. However, for those who barely know who J. Edgar Hoover was,...
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Room Service!

03/10/2013 19:26
Rev. of Out of Order by Ray Cooney, produced by ActofKAA             If you read the title in the voice of Petra Pančíková, you are probably one of the lucky souls who saw the Monday production of the play Out of Order by...

Justice Done on Stage

29/06/2012 20:01
Photo: Standing in the foyer right next to the Puppetry Department’s studio, I take a glimpse of a strangely dressed creature elbowing his way through the crowd of impatient visitors who are waiting to see how the students of the 2nd year of...

Vote for Maštalír!

20/05/2012 16:41
Photo: Divadlo Aréna Why is turkey so important for Americans? Why can’t they eat pork or tuna instead for Thanksgiving dinner? Why can’t gay people get married? And why are Native Americans not allowed to build casinos on their own reservations? Why? Why?...

A Dance Touching the Soul

18/02/2012 19:30
Review of the ballet adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Balet Bratislava (Nová scéna Theatre), choreography: Mário Radačovský, music: Sergei Prokofiev Photo: Balet Bratislava A recently-formed ballet company, Balet Bratislava, started...

It’s Getting Hot in Here

03/01/2012 16:42
Review of August: Stratení v Oklahome, produced by the Slovak National Theatre Photo: Filip Vančo, On September 23, 2011, the Slovak National Theatre introduced a play by noted American playwright Tracy Letts, August: stratení v Oklahome...

Jako Thelma a Louise

19/02/2011 20:51
If there exists anything like a road-play, it is this one. It tells a story of two women and their struggles for independence and survival in the world of men.   Jako Thelma a Louise is a theatre adaptation of the famous Oscar...

When Your Imagination Sends Shivers up Your Spine

02/02/2011 19:15
Review of The Woman in Black, produced by Theatre KONTRA   Photo: Theatre Kontra - Peter Čižmár (on the left), Miki Macala (on the right)   What images conjure up in your mind when I say “fear”? Geysers of blood...
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