Short Stories

Sunlight Gone by Oliver Meres

04/12/2010 09:38
The music was pouring through the apartment.   I was lying on my bed with my arms stretched wide and the silhouettes of my surroundings were my only company. It was dark. Only the blue light of a distant lamp cast shadows on the...

Piave by Julián Péter

12/11/2010 19:05
~ Sunshine, I am home… Aim, fire, reload. Aim, fire, reload. A merry-go-round of life and death. I am a lightning, I am a thunder, I am rain. The storm god himself. Under the relentless downpour...

After the Night by Oliver Meres

17/10/2010 19:58
After the night The sun was setting down as I opened the door wide and stepped out onto the balcony with a glass of water in my left hand. The air was pleasantly warm and everything around had an orange tint from the weak sunlight...

A Night at the Airport by Zuzana Hlubinová

24/08/2010 20:09
  A place where you can see the whole world. The only place where every living creature knows where they are going and do not wonder about their destination. A place which, for one night, became a part of me. The cold marble...

Sins by Soňa Hrúziková

03/08/2010 09:30
The sun is setting; the air is cooling down. I remember we left a window open in the front room. I make tea. For a while the steam rises from the white cups with roses and names on them: Mary, Michael. I marvel at the scene for a few seconds and then leave...

The Glassy Farmstead by Andrea Stern

20/06/2010 20:14
The Mule is a peculiar person. I see him at university in the evenings, smoking in front of a windowed facade, next to the library. He is neither small nor big, he wears jeans, a white T-shirt and cheap sneakers. Sometimes he will remove his brown...

Wandering boots by Zuzana Hlubinová

12/03/2010 18:32
I am a curious girl. I love discovering, trying new things, looking into holes and finding out what is hidden inside. I love walking. Just walking, walking, walking. For hours. Not looking at the time, not perceiving the passers-by, not...

Gounaris (a story inspired by a newspaper article) by Jana Mičuchová

04/02/2010 11:05
Now - the sky is so high and so light, almost white. Disappearing. Like him. Lying there weak and fragile, he feels nothing, but the iron framing of the stretcher under his back. He doesn't know how long he's been in the middle of this meadow surrounded only...
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Short Stories

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