Short Stories

Scissors by Katarína Mlichová

01/12/2011 21:48
Every true thing must have a story And you at all don’t need to worry If you don’t like this one         - it’s boring so sorry, dear reader, sorry unless   you find it...

Josephine's Bucket List by Tula Turanská

21/11/2011 21:35
I have a new patient. She was brought in by her parents, originally diagnosed with F50 – an eating disorder. She is very pretty but lacks any sort of self-confidence. She talked about how painful it is for her to look into the mirror and kept repeating something about...

Smile and a Veil by Oliver Meres

29/10/2011 14:07
One road to loneliness, it’s always the same. One road to happiness, it’s calling your name. Image: photostock / It was a late summer morning and the sun was still low above the horizon. I could feel cold air entering my room...

Pink Glasses by Tula Turanská

15/10/2011 09:47
Illustration: Tula Turanská The problem with wearing pink glasses is that you can become addicted to them very easily. Uncertain what could happen afterwards, I was almost afraid to try them on. The thing is that they work very much like the old mirror from...

The Good Man by Ivan Lacko

02/10/2011 10:02
Photo: Surachai / The first and foremost thing you must know about me is that I am a good man. Or, at least, I used to be. A decent, moral and loving man. A husband and father, adored by his wife and three daughters. For all the things...

Dear Mamma by Katarína Koreňová

09/06/2011 19:10
  Dear Mamma, When this letter gets to you I’ll probably be already dead. There are all these things that I wanted to tell you, you know, and never had the guts to try. Remember we were sitting on a dirty bench in the park licking...

The Best Prank by Oliver Meres

28/05/2011 16:16
graur codrin / The evil that men do lives on and on. I’m going to tell you about something that happened to me a long time ago. That, however, does not make it any less...

An Ordinary Morning by Oliver Meres

29/04/2011 15:52
Salvatore Vuono / It was an ordinary morning. I opened my eyes and saw the bright light ray stripes on the ceiling as they were penetrating the window blinds. I felt good. I stretched my body and pushed away the...

Fire and bullets by Oliver Meres

22/02/2011 16:20
luigi diamanti / Once I heard a story that pilots carry guns so they can shoot themselves if their airplane catches on fire. Since the flying school, I’ve been taught that fire is the thing I have to be most afraid of. I have had...

The Quiet One by Oliver Meres

25/01/2011 17:59
  Robert Nilson / A very long time ago, there was a town somewhere in the hills. The town was inhabited by many people, among them a strange fellow, whom no one knew well. Actually,...
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Short Stories

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