Short Stories

What the Eye Doesn’t See, the Heart Doesn’t Grieve Over

16/10/2012 10:49
Miranda Watts was lying on her bed with a sleeping eye patch covering her eyes for she had recently undergone an eye surgery to improve her sight. The curtains were drawn, allowing little light to penetrate into the room. The house was completely still; only the wall clock could...

New Wind by Katarína Mlichová

25/08/2012 09:50
Some things go down my throat like a large shellfish without muscle. Like a strong arm down a bottle neck craving for drenched paper. Painted with too much ether by a foot in spasm I have become but a shadow of all colours I had used to sip from...

Award for Excellence for Short Fiction (Final Run-Off)

11/05/2012 09:52
Here are the four stories that have been selected for the final run-off. Vote for the one you liked best on FB. The voting will close on Saturday, May 12, at 8 p.m.  

Award for Excellence for Short Fiction (Day 4)

09/05/2012 19:06
Fiction 8 Full-time holiday         It is an ordinary Monday morning. People from the past, however, would be very surprised at what is considered ordinary. The Revolution ended two years ago, on 15 October...

Award for Excellence for Short Fiction (Day 3)

08/05/2012 07:42
Fiction 6 Blood Brothers         There are periods in history when one people from one part of the world and one from another clash. There are some other times when one country comes up against...

Award for Excellence for Short Fiction (Day 2)

06/05/2012 15:05
Fiction 3 Of Paedophiles, Terrorists and Darth Vader I was the last one. AGAIN! The last one in front of school waiting for Mum to pick me up. But as always something was more important apparently. “The traffic rush was even worse than...

Award for Excellence for Short Fiction (Short Story Competition)

05/05/2012 19:42
This summer semester’s buAN-40 Creative Writing class has spent the majority of its time reading great short stories and writing a few good ones as well. To highlight the work of her students, Miss Steyne would like you, the readers of Perspectives and the students of...

You Will Leave Me by Tula Turanská

03/02/2012 23:02
You will leave me!                      No I won’t Yes you will!...

One Day in Lisbon by Jana Hulová

17/01/2012 14:14
   Photo: africa /    Some say the best place for a new start is Paris; some say it’s Rome. But I felt somewhere in my heart that it was Lisbon. Between Bairro Alto and Alfama, somewhere near Praça do Comercio or...

A Neverwas by Veronika Kálnová

10/12/2011 09:51
Photo: Simon Howden /   But dreams are nothing more than wishes And a wish is just a dream you wish to come true - Harry Nilson, The Puppy Song      ...
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Short Stories

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