Short Stories

Barking Up the Wrong House

02/12/2013 20:22
5.11.2013, 6:44 Carrie went for a jog to a nearby forest, but never returned home again.   * * * 1h earlier Creg’s alarm clock was buzzing wildly. With his eyes still closed, he reached out to shut it down. In the process he hit a few other things,...


19/11/2013 19:11
Photo: Nicolas Raymond / I’ve never quite understood dancing. I’ve always associated the image of spastic movements subject to electronically-imposed rhythm with heartbeat, not with voluntary body motion. Not that I’d be holding any ideological grudges against the...

Excellence in Short Fiction 2013 (Short Story Competition) Final Run-Off

27/05/2013 17:35
Here are the four stories that have been selected for the final run-off. Since you liked both short stories on Day Three the same, we decided to include both of them in the final run-off. Vote for the one you like best! The voting will close on Tuesday, May 28, at 8...

Excellence in Short Fiction 2013 (Short Story Competition) Day Three

26/05/2013 16:22
Fiction 5 A hug, please. Boredom is what characterizes Mary and Fred’s marriage. Love faded, passion said its farewell long ago, even respect was on its way out. Today was their 17th wedding anniversary, the only reminder being a Post-it note on the fridge. Flowers, dinner,...

Excellence in Short Fiction 2013 (Short Story Competition) Day Two

25/05/2013 19:49
Fiction 3 The Last Chance Once she got the examination paper, she turned her head furtively to Elle behind her, and nodded. The high heels footsteps echoed in the air; the louder it was, the more anxious she grew. The clock’s ticking was unusually distinct; the clearer it...

Excellence in Short Fiction 2013 (Short Story Competition)

24/05/2013 11:50
  This is the 2nd year that Miss Steyne is putting her students’ work from her Creative Writing class to the test of real readership...and profit. There are only 6 entries (from Slovakia, Japan and Malaysia) vying for the award of €20 this year, but the winner is still in...

Students' Fairy Tales & Short Stories

13/02/2013 13:36
    A mini-collection of fairy tales and short stories written by students in the 'English Literature for Children: The Beginnigs' seminar led by Mgr. Katarína Koreňová in winter semester 2012/2013.     Table of Contents...

Thin Intelligent Killers

26/01/2013 17:19
Photo: ComplexTech I was waiting for my best friend, Clare, to arrive. The table was set, the dinner ready and smelling good, music was on, and a film had been picked. The only thing missing was the person responsible for all this fuss. We hadn’t seen each other for a while, so...

Mr and Mrs Nuts

29/12/2012 11:05
It was a lovely day. The right day for a disaster. Mrs Nuts was sitting in her favourite kitchen chair, reading by far the most favourite novel of hers – Shontelle Torque: A Strong Woman. The last pages were extremely emotional so Mrs Nuts couldn’t hold back her...

This Is Not a Story About a Pigeon

31/10/2012 20:26
A pigeon is hopping about in the corridor. “Piccione, guarda!” I’ve managed to peck at the seeds of comments dropped by bewildered students. Yes, it is. Somewhat crippled, yet demonstrating enough energy to circle restlessly around, deserving every now and then attention of...
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Short Stories

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